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What is a Black Box and How Can it Impact My Accident Case?

Did you know most vehicles are equipped with a black box that records information about your car when it gets into an accident? These data event recorders in your car can be helpful for your personal injury case, especially when you’re trying to corroborate the events of an accident.

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Black Box 101   

A black box, also known as a data event recorder, is an onboard computer in your vehicle that records data from an accident. The data found in the black box following an accident includes the speed your vehicle was traveling at prior to the collision, the vehicle’s steering angle, whether or not seat belts were in use, deployment of airbags, the use of brakes during the collision, and the number of accidents the vehicle has been in prior to the one being investigated.

The data found in the black box helps experts to reconstruct an accident and get an idea of the details of the event. It’s important to obtain this information as soon as possible following an accident to ensure it does not get taped over.

Accident Reconstruction   

Accident reconstruction is when experts reconstruct the events that caused the accident to take place. These experts use physics, vehicle dynamics, math, photogrammetry, and various computer applications to understand the mechanics and circumstances of your accident.

Accident reconstruction can help answer questions like how fast the vehicle was going, how much it slowed down, and even the angle of the involved vehicles upon impact. It is a full investigation into your accident to analyze the causes and events that took place.

The Importance of an Expert Witness      

An expert witness can be an essential part in establishing liability in your personal injury case. They help provide proof of damages and corroborate stories given by the drivers involved. 

If there were third-party witnesses present to the accident, their account of the accident will be used to help understand who is at fault. Expert witnesses can also include accident reconstruction experts, car mechanics, and human factor experts who all can help determine liability through their specific knowledge and expertise. 

Other fact witnesses to help determine the liability are damage experts. These experts provide insight on the costs of the accident, both financial, physical, and emotional. These experts can include medical experts for understanding treatment plans and costs, vocational experts to understand how this will impact their future work, an economist to provide a projection on lost wages, and a life care planner if the accident victim suffered life-altering injuries.

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