Should I Take Pictures At The Scene Of An Accident?


Listen, I tell my clients all the time. Take more pictures than you think is necessary. Give me more information than you think that may be necessary for me to pursue this particular claim. I will go through all of the evidence that you provide to my office and move things to the side that may not be relevant now. But you never know what may be relevant in the future. For instance, they could say that the collision did take place at this particular intersection, but then months later they changed their mind and say no, what happened much farther down the road. So your photograph of the intersection itself may not be relevant at the beginning, but since you took it, since you gave it to my office and we built that particular portion of the claim, can we prove that particular portion of the claim? Because you took those photographs? I can now use that against the defendant, the at fault party, to make sure that they’re no longer credible. So please give me a call. Let’s talk about what kind of pictures you should take and whether you should take them at all. My number is (404) 445-8122.


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