Is It OK To Talk With The Police At The Scene Of An Accident?


Absolutely. Please give the police officers as much information as you can as to what happened, who was involved, where it occurred, when it occurred. Anything and everything that you believe would be relevant to that claim. Please explain to them. Now, remember, don’t admit fault. Don’t say that you could have done something that you didn’t in order to avoid the collision. But do tell them that it was this other person who caused the motor vehicle collision and how they were at fault. The reasoning behind all of that is that the police officer is going to create what’s called a police report, a traffic accident report. And that report is going to be monumental in driving the injury claim along. We use it to prove fault when it comes to the insurance company. We say, hey, Mr. Insurance Adjuster hears the police report. This is an independent third party police officer who didn’t see what happened. They have no financial interest in this case. And they stated it was your insured fault. So please set up this claim and help my client on the back end and make sure that he gets or she gets taken care of. So if you’ve ever been involved in a motor vehicle collision, you’ve got questions about how, when or why to talk to the police officers. I want you to feel free to give me a call my number is (404) 445-8122.


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