I Was Just Involved In An Accident, What Should I Do Now?


First and foremost, take care of yourself. Seek immediate medical attention should you be involved in a collision where you need to have emergency care? Do not let your worries about the insurance company take over the fact that you need to make sure are well as soon as possible. Second, make sure you do call the police. Get the police involved. They will be a third party that would show up to the scene and develop their own story as to how things happen by talking to witnesses, by talking to you, by talking to other parties involved. And they will create a police report that will be potentially very, very helpful with establishing liability, meaning fault in that particular claim. And the third most important thing is a document everything you can. Get your phone out, take photographs of anything and everything you think may even be relevant. It could be whether or not the sun is out. I mean, something just as general as that. Document that the photos involved, the parties involved, any witnesses, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, anything that you think may be relevant to help prove your claim, document it immediately. Now give me a call at (404) 445-8122. So, while you’re sitting on the side of the road, we can go through this list together and make sure your claim is started out perfect.


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