How long will it take to settle my truck accident case?


Typically in a tractor trailer injury case I have my clients stay patient. Now I keep them informed as it is every step that we take in their case, but their patience is very important. And, it’s because we have to gather so much evidence in this particular type of case where tractor trailer companies sometimes will hold this evidence and not give it to us even if we demand it. I tell my clients, be patient and that’s because sometimes this information could include very important documentation that would support what we call a punitive damages claim, something that we go above and beyond the normal value to punish this company. But to get that information. It’s going to take a long time it’s going to be a long fight. So if you’ve got questions about your level of patients when it comes to a trucking accident, I want you to give me a call. I’ll walk you through the process. My number is (404) 445-8122.