common types of motorcycle crashes

7 Types of Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them 

A motorcycle accident can turn a joyride into a nightmare, resulting in potentially life-altering injuries – and in the worst cases, an untimely death. Here at Ross Moore Law, our personal injury attorneys have handled a wide variety of motorcycle accident cases, including the types listed below. Read on to learn more, then contact our team to schedule your free initial consultation!

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Common Types of Motorcycle Crashes

1. Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle hits a motorcycle from behind. These collisions can be particularly dangerous because of the motorcycle’s comparatively smaller size and mass. In these types of accidents, the negligent driver behind the motorcyclist is almost always responsible for the damage and injuries that result. 

2. Sideswipe

If a vehicle moves into a lane occupied by a motorcycle, a sideswipe accident may occur. Distracted driving is a major culprit, but in some cases, the other driver simply does not see the motorcycle before they change lanes. The best way to prevent sideswipes is to remain alert and always assume the other drivers on the road do not see you. 

3. Turning Left in Front of a Motorcycle

Left-turn accidents may result in life-threatening injuries. In fact, “T-bone” collisions, often caused by a vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle, are a leading cause of death among bikers. The best way to avoid this type of accident is to boost visibility, drive defensively, slow down in intersections, and maintain a proper following distance.

4. Opening Door into a Motorcycle

If a driver opens their door unexpectedly, the motorcyclist is forced to either swerve into the other lane or hit the door – both dangerous options. Because dooring accidents can occur for a myriad of reasons, motorcyclists must remain vigilant and watch for drivers who appear distracted or intoxicated.  

5. Speeding

Failing to obey the speed limit is another common cause of motorcycle accidents – one that raises your risk of losing control and lowers your odds of stopping in time to avoid a collision. Simply put, the faster a motorcycle travels, the faster its rider must react.

6. Riding Under the Influence

Operating any type of motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is incredibly dangerous. But unlike vehicle drivers, motorcyclists don’t have anything protecting them. In fact, in 2020, 27% of motorcyclists who suffered fatal injuries were in alcohol-involved collisions. Among all fatal crashes, 16% involved a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than or equal to 0.15%.

7. Weather Conditions 

An unfavorable forecast can put motorcyclists at risk. Rain, snow, or ice decrease traction as well as visibility, putting motorcycle riders at a serious disadvantage. Be sure to check the weather before hitting the road to avoid getting caught in inclement conditions.

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