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19 Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe on the Atlanta Beltline

Pedestrian Safety and Driver Safety: There are countless reasons Atlanta residents are proud to call our city home – from its thriving cultural scene to its booming economy. With so many claims to fame, Atlanta, GA attracts an impressive 57 million visitors each year! Tourists and locals alike enjoy the opportunity to trade the bustling streets for our city’s green spaces, like the Atlanta Beltline!

This popular spot for walking and biking includes 22 miles of unused railroad tracks that circle our city. In addition to trails and parks, the Beltline has become the site of many popular Atlanta restaurants. 

With so many people enjoying all the area has to offer, it’s important to keep your family’s safety in mind. Here at Ross Moore Law, our accident attorneys have compiled some Atlanta Beltline safety tips, so check them out! 

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Staying Safe on the Atlanta Beltline 

Our roads can be dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists, with some of the nation’s most deadly highways in the Atlanta area. The Beltline should be a safe alternative for the two million people who travel it each year – but accidents happen. 

Atlanta Beltline Rules 

These rules, displayed at Beltline entrances, can help keep our community clean and safe:

  • Keep all pets on a leash and be sure to pick up after your pet.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed, except by a special permit.
  • No drugs or illegal substances are allowed under any circumstances.
  • If you suspect illegal activities, call 911 immediately.
  • Put all trash and recycling in the proper receptacles.
  • No horses are allowed at any time.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed (except for wheelchairs).
  • Tents or canopies are not allowed, except by a special permit.
  • No equipment that calls for independent power, except by a special permit.
  • Games and activities that could harm the landscaped area are prohibited.
  • Glass containers are not permitted.
  • No amplified music allowed, except by a special permit.
  • No selling of food or other items, except by a special permit.

Additional Safety Tips 

  • Be courteous when walking or biking.
    Stay aware of your surroundings and walk/bike with others in mind. Slower pedestrians should remain on the right side, reserving the left side for faster cyclists or runners. 
  • Call for help.
    If you see any suspicious activities occurring, do not hesitate to call 911 right away – whether it’s an injury, altercation, or any other odd behavior the Atlanta Police Department may want to know about. For non-emergencies and maintenance concerns, call and leave a detailed message at 404.477.3687. If you are able, take a photo and send it to
  • Keep a close eye on children.
    The Atlanta Beltline can become crowded, so be sure to watch your children carefully.
  • Follow pet rules.
    If your furry friend joins you on a walk, make sure they remain on a leash at all times. Also, please pick up after your pet and keep them by your side when the path is crowded.
  • Don’t litter.
    Please do your part in keeping our community clean by disposing of all trash and recycling in the appropriate receptacles. 
  • Keep it kind.
    Our city is known for its friendly folks, so mind your manners and be courteous to those sharing the Beltline! 

Is the Atlanta Beltline Completed?

No, the Atlanta beltline is still under construction, with several projects in progress. The Southside Trail construction is one ongoing project, with the 4.5-mile corridor acquired in March of 2018. This new trail, completed in phases, will link the Eastside and Westside Trails and should be completed by next year.

Because the Beltline is a work in progress, it’s crucial to watch for work zones. And while some unpaved trails are open to the public, they should be used with caution because they lack additional lighting and have limited access points.

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