Role of expert witnesses

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Litigation

Having a witness to your personal injury case is vital to prove the circumstances around the damages and injuries you have sustained. Witnesses also help identify the at-fault party so that liability is correctly determined.

We at Ross Moore Law understand how important witnesses are in getting the proper compensation you need to get your life back on track.

What Is a Fact Witness?

A fact witness has direct knowledge of your incident. In your court case, a fact witness offers first-hand testimony of what they experienced, saw, heard, felt, tasted, smelled, etc.

What Is An Expert Witness?

On the other hand, an expert witness offers specialized, unbiased knowledge, especially in medicine, engineering, psychology, event reconstruction, and environmental science, to better explain the circumstances of a court case.

Common Expert Witness In Personal Injury Cases:

Medical Expert Witness: A doctor or medical professional who can provide opinions on medical conditions, treatment protocols, and the standard of care required for specific injuries.

Engineering Expert Witness: Engineers who can offer insights about design flaws, construction defects, negligent assembly, and product failures to help determine liability.

Psychology/Counseling Expert Witness: Psychologists or counselors who can provide opinions on mental health issues, psychological evaluations, and the effects of trauma in your personal injury claim.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness: Engineers or professionals with expertise in accident reconstruction who can re-create an incident and explain the events leading to your injury.

Environmental Expert Witness: These experts can provide insights into environmental impact assessments, contamination issues, or regulatory compliance in environmental factors resulting in your injury.

Selecting the right expert witness can make the difference in winning or losing a case. The team at Ross Moore Law knows how to choose qualified experts with a good reputation, the correct qualifications, and strong credibility.

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