medical care in personal injury case

The Importance of Medical Care in Your Personal Injury Case 

Postponing a visit to your doctor after an accident could have serious impacts, not only to your health but your personal injury claim as well. By not seeking timely medical treatment, you put your compensation at risk – at a time when you need it most. Here at Ross Moore Law, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers have detailed the importance of proper care below.

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Reason 1: Accurate Diagnosis

Even if you do not feel that your injuries are that serious, paying a visit to your physician is key after an accident. Keep in mind that your body may be in shock and pain could worsen over time. In fact, even very minor symptoms could become chronic issues that persist for months or years. That’s why it is crucial to receive an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. Failure to receive treatment right away also gives the insurance company the opportunity to claim that your injuries are not accident related – and potentially reject your request for compensation.

Reason 2: Receiving Treatment and Attending Appointments 

After making a diagnosis, your doctor will create a treatment plan to help you heal. Be sure to follow it carefully and attend every appointment – including physical therapy, follow-up visits, etc. Many patients make the mistake of stopping treatment once they feel better, but this is highly discouraged. If your physician recommends continuing treatment, it is important that you follow doctor’s orders, especially if you hope to recover maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

Reason 3: Keep A Thorough Record 

When building your case, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer will gather evidence to prove that the at-fault party’s negligence caused your injury. This requires careful documentation, so be sure to retain all medical records, bills, invoices, and any other paperwork related to your care.

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