The Tricks of Insurance Adjusters

If you sustained an injury in a car accident and did not enlist in the help of a lawyer, you likely spoke to an insurance adjuster who attempted to trick you without your knowledge. In fact, you probably answered questions, unaware of any sinister intentions behind them. The truth of the matter is, insurance companies often try to trick people who are without a lawyer, so as to reduce their claims of injury, and thus not have to pay their share.

Insurance adjusters may ask you to sign documents, delay payment of your claim, offer a quick settlement with the signing of a full release, deny liability, dispute your damages, ask you to sign a general medical authorization so they can have full access to your medical records, and more. The number one tactic of insurance adjusters is asking you for a recorded, signed, or written statement–which is the last thing you should ever agree to.

Here are a few examples of questions that are generally irrelevant and inadmissible in court, including but not limited to:

  • Do you have health insurance?
  • Is this related to a worker?s compensation claim?
  • Have you ever seen a doctor for similar pain?
  • How often have you had this pain in the past?
  • Are you salaried or hourly?
  • Have you received benefits from missing time off work already?
  • Who will cover your co-pays if you go to the doctor?

The answers to these questions are not recorded, and the only times a statement will be recorded is when the plaintiff is seeking under/uninsured benefits, which are contractually assigned and thus required to do so. Our lawyers warn all injured parties to not be fooled by insurance adjusters–though they may seem as though they are only trying to help you, they are simply attempting to make you say something which will be used to prevent you from obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.


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