Seeking Justice for Hit-And-Run Victims: Legal Options and Support

Unfortunately, accidents on the road happen all too often. Occasionally, individuals will flee from the scene of an accident due to reasons such as lacking insurance or a valid driver’s license, potentially having an outstanding warrant or various other factors.

What the law states about leaving the scene of an accident, also known as a “hit-and-run,” can vary by jurisdiction. Usually, it is a criminal offense regardless of who is at fault and can leave you or others on the hook to cover the injuries and property damage.

At Ross Moore Law, we understand the difficulties you’re facing, and we’re here to offer you compassionate guidance, legal solutions, and dedicated support throughout this daunting experience.

Understanding What Classifies a Hit-And-Run

While it’s best to stay at the scene after an accident, there may be circumstances where an individual might need to leave. To be classified as a hit-and-run, most jurisdictions required the following factors.

  • The individual must have been involved in the accident.
  • The individual intentionally left the scene without stopping to assist.
  • The individual refused to exchange valid personal identification, contact details, or insurance information.

The Legal Steps for Hit-and-Run Victims

Call The Police: Your priority is to report the accident to the authorities immediately. This protects you from being accused of fleeing the scene yourself and gives law enforcement the best chance of catching the other driver. It’s important to provide pertinent details while they are fresh in your mind. The driver’s description, vehicle description, and license plate number are essential for criminal investigation.

Collecting Evidence: If you can, gather as much evidence at the scene as possible. Take photos of the accident site, including any fragments or vehicle parts, damage to any vehicles or persons, and notable landmarks nearby. Additionally, try to gather contact information from potential witnesses to the incident.

Consulting an Attorney: At Ross Moore Law, we specialize in handling hit-and-run cases. Our lawyers assist you in gathering evidence, filing insurance claims, negotiating with insurers, and representing you in court. We work to improve your odds of getting the compensation you need for medical care and property damage.

Understanding Insurance Coverage: Your insurance coverage can be overly confusing and complicated. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, your insurance policy may still cover you. The attorneys at Ross Moore Law can guide you through understanding your insurance policy and navigating the claims process.

A Message for Witnesses

If you have witnessed a hit-and-run, please consider the positive impact you will have on the victims and report to the authorities what you know. You can anonymously submit a report using a confidential resource like WeTip.

Do You Need Help With a Hit-And-Run?

Handling a hit-and-run insurance claim can be challenging, especially when insurance companies try to avoid covering medical care and property damages fairly. The attorneys at Ross Moore Law will stand by your side every step of the way. Call us today or book a free consultation online

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