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My Airbags Did Not Deploy. Who is At Fault?

Drivers expect their airbags to be a reliable safety measure in the event of a collision. What if you’re commuting to your job in Buckhead, get in a car accident, and your airbags do not deploy? Airbag deployment malfunction? What happens if you sustain an injury from this accident? Who is at fault?

You may be wondering if you have a case in this scenario. The Ross Moore Law Atlanta-based legal team is here to navigate the details of your accident and fight for your case in court. Read on to learn more about who is at fault when an airbag doesn’t deploy.

When are Airbags Supposed to Deploy? 

While a small fender bender doesn’t usually deploy the airbags, they should deploy in moderate to severe accidents. Deployment of the airbags depends on the speed of the vehicle upon collision, the direction of the impact, other types of vehicles involved in the accident, where a vehicle’s crash sensors are located, and the car’s airbag system design.

All of these details will differ depending on the accident, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable legal team by your side. They will work through the details of your case to help you demonstrate in court that the airbags failed to deploy.

What Prevents Airbags from Deploying?

Having a faulty airbag can be dangerous, but we often don’t know we have a faulty airbag until it malfunctions in an accident. There are several different reasons that an airbag might not deploy, and they can be an important factor in determining who is at fault for your faulty airbag. 

Defective Crash Sensors

Your vehicle is designed with crash sensors. If your car is struck at the location of the sensor and the airbag does not deploy, this could be a sign of a defective crash sensor. This could be a result of inadequate sensor testing by the manufacturer, an airbag deployment threshold that’s not accurately calculated, or a lack of sensors.

Computer Activation Failure

Your car sends a signal from the crash sensors to your vehicle’s electrical control center that tells the airbags to deploy. If it’s determined that your crash sensor does work, it may be a computer activation failure that resulted in the airbags not deploying. 

Airbags Need Replacing

If your airbags have been deployed in a previous crash, are old, damaged, or you have a missing airbag, the airbags will fail to deploy in a severe accident. 

Flawed Design or Manufacturing Issue

This could be a result of poor quality control on the manufacturer’s end or a flawed design that results in faulty airbag deployment. 

Gathering Evidence and Proving Liability      

It’s important to start with gathering statements from experts, such as medical professionals, engineers, or product designers. These expert testimonies will be able to attest to your injuries and the design of the car and airbag system.

Be sure to take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and where the airbag neglected to go off. Keep track of all of your medical expenses. Obtain information from witnesses and other drivers involved and write down everything you can remember about the accident. 

All of these details will help you and your Atlanta-area legal team build a case and get you the compensation you deserve. 

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