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Low Impact Car Accidents Can Still Cause High Levels of Injuries

When it comes to?car accidents, people often assume that?catastrophic injuries?will only occur when the crash is particularly violent or occurs at a high speed. While these factors certainly increase the chances of someone suffering major or permanent injuries in a collision, they are not absolutely necessary for that to be the outcome. The truth is that many low impact car accidents will cause people to suffer high level or severe injuries.

Types of serious injury that can be experienced in a low impact car accident include:

  • Whiplash:?A sudden stopping motion or an impact from behind can cause a person?s neck to snap forward and backwards quickly. This motion is known as whiplash, and it is a common consequence of rear-end accidents. Symptoms include strong pain in the neck, chronic headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Whiplash will rapidly worsen if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.
  • Brain injury:?It does not take much force at all to cause a brain to rock against the inside of the skull, resulting in bruising or bleeding of the brain. A low impact car accident can easily cause this serious injury, especially if the victim hits his or her head against a side window, steering column, or dashboard. Symptoms of brain injuries and concussions vary greatly but often include nausea, severe head pain, inability to focus, and unconsciousness at the time of the accident.
  • Back or spinal cord injury:?Spines that are tweaked just the wrong way can be permanently damaged, resulting in paralysis. Car accidents of any speed may result in a strong amount of force being applied to a passenger?s or driver?s back, causing an injury. Symptoms for back injuries are often obvious, including soreness, stiffness, and total paralysis.

Some of the most serious injuries occur in pedestrian accidents, or when a car strikes a person walking or riding a bicycle. Since a vehicle is made of dense metal and can easily weigh thousands of pounds, a low speed impact will still exert an extreme amount of force on an individual struck directly.


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