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Highway Hypnosis: How to Avoid “White Line Fever”

Have you ever been driving and went through an intersection only to ask yourself if it was actually green? Or have you been driving long distances and feel yourself zone out? If you relate to either of those scenarios, you’ve likely experienced “highway hypnosis.” 

If you or a loved one were in an accident due to another driver’s highway hypnosis, Ross Moore Law is here to fight for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Causes of Highway Hypnosis     

Highway hypnosis happens when our body goes into autopilot. Driving becomes something our body knows how to do automatically, so we can easily slip into the mindset of driving without thinking about it. This is known as automaticity.

Automaticity is different from distracted driving. Highway hypnosis isn’t something drivers are aware of until something on the road snaps them out of it. Distracted drivers are consciously engaging in a distraction such as texting, eating, or looking at their directions.

It is most often occurs while driving long distances. Long stretches of road can begin to feel monotonous, causing you to zone out and go into autopilot mode. Highway hypnosis is also known as “white line fever” because of how the never-ending white line of the highway can put you into a trance. 

Furthermore, it can also occur when you’re driving the same route day after day. This may be your work commute, drive to school, or any other route that you drive regularly. These routes become so familiar that it’s easy to zone out and allow your mind to drift away from your driving. You can also experience highway hypnosis because of boredom, fatigue, or stress. 

Signs and Symptoms of Highway Hypnosis    

While your eyes are open and you’re conscious during highway hypnosis, your brain drifts away from awareness during your drive. Highway hypnosis comes with many signs and symptoms, including:

–       Drowsiness

–       Fatigue

–       Lack of attention 

–       Losing focus

–       Unable to recall certain details about your drive

–       Feeling detached

–       Trouble remembering parts of your drive 

How to Avoid Highway “White Line Fever”       

Even on a long drive, this behavior is avoidable. It’s important to stay aware and remember to focus. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe on the road and avoid highway hypnosis:

–       Get a good night’s sleep: Starting off your drive well rested will help you avoid feeling drowsy on the road.

–       Take breaks: Trying to complete your drive in one continuous ride can lead to highway hypnosis. Take a few breaks to give your mind a rest and help you avoid zoning out with “white line fever.”

–       Opt for some caffeine: Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to give yourself a boost and help you stay alert.

–       Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated actually helps your brain concentrate and stay focused while driving. Plus, taking a restroom break is a good way to stop and stretch your legs at a rest stop before continuing your drive.

–       Change up your music: Having a dynamic playlist with fun, upbeat music can pull your mind out of it. A change up in sound can help your brain stay alert and keep you from drifting off during your drive.

–       Try to do most of your driving during the day: Driving at night can increase your risk of highway hypnosis as it’s natural for your brain to feel drowsier as the sun goes down. Driving in the daylight helps your brain feel more alert and better see your surroundings.

–       Maintain good posture while driving: Having good driving posture helps minimize fatigue and reduce pain. 

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