How to Help Your Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has affected everybody in one way or another. Hundreds of thousands throughout the country have contracted the virus, and tens of thousands have died from it. The ?stay-at-home? order that Georgia and most other states have issued has also forced non-essential businesses to close, causing many to lose their jobs and moving those who are still working into their homes.

The COVID-19 crisis is one of those rare experiences that is shared by all Americans. There is no one who is immune from its effects, and this is one of those situations where we can truly say ?we are all in this together?. The good news is that, while we are facing unprecedented challenges due to the effects of the coronavirus, citizens in Atlanta and communities throughout the country are pulling together to help everyone get through this situation.

Ways to Help the Community during the Coronavirus Outbreak

In Atlanta, charities and many individuals are stepping up to make sure those in need are taken care of while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Support the Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund: The United Way of Greater Atlanta and Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta have partnered to form a response and recovery fund that is dedicated to streamlining relief efforts for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. These include seniors, kids who rely on school lunches or their daily meals, families who normally receive childcare, and workers who have lost their jobs.
  • Support Local Food Shelves: Local Atlanta area food shelves are stressed, but they are doing what they can to respond to the overwhelming need during this difficult time. They are not only in need of resources, but they are also short of volunteers. Many food shelf volunteers are seniors and others that are at higher risk of serious illness because of COVID-19, so they have had to step away and stay-at-home for a while. Fortunately, many others in the community who are healthy and suddenly find themselves with some extra time on their hands are stepping up to replace those who cannot help the way they normally would.
  • Support Local Homeless Shelters: Many of the homeless shelters in the area are cutting off access to volunteers as a precaution to keep everyone safe. So, at this time, the shelters are in critical need of resources. This may include financial donations and donations of various essential items such as food, masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Support Food and Beverage Industry Workers: The food and beverage industry is among those that are hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and countless workers are now unemployed. The Giving Kitchen is a nonprofit that helps these workers with financial support and access to critical community resources. Another way to support the industry is by ordering take-out or delivery from restaurants that are still open, or by purchasing gift cards for later use from restaurants that are closed at the moment.
  • Support the Elderly and Other Shut-Ins: There are many in our community who are unable to leave their homes because of the major health risks associated with the virus. And this means they may not be able to get to the grocery store for food and other essentials. Organizations like Open Hand are delivering thousands of meals per day to the elderly in the community. They have a great need for volunteers to deliver food, and of course, financial donations are also appreciated. Aside from these, even just a phone call to check up on an elderly neighbor and provide them some remote companionship can go a long way to help someone who is feeling alone and isolated because of this situation.
  • Support Frontline Workers: Those who drive trucks, work in hospitals, and work in grocery stores are among our essential workers – the heroes who are keeping our society going while most of us are staying safe at home. Many of these workers are putting in lots of overtime and feeling very stressed about the possibility of getting exposed to the virus, and we can show our support for them by sending them gift cards for food, coffee, or other items that they may need. Sometimes, even just a simple ?thank you? when you come in contact with an essential worker is also greatly appreciated.

Together, We Will All Get Through This

During times of crisis, Americans have always pulled together to help everyone get through it, and the coronavirus pandemic is no different. We will overcome this like we always have, and we will emerge stronger and more united because of it. In the meantime, continue to follow social distancing guidelines and do whatever else you can to help.

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